Wicked Jazz Sounds club night - Afro Special
27 januari 2019 23:30
Jazz, Afro
Wicked Jazz Sounds is a weekly Sunday club night where jazz meets dance. DJs and musicians play together on a danceable mix of jazz, hip hop, soul, funk, house, disco, latin, electronica and more. Making you dance with a smile!

This edition we'll be doing an Afro Special where we focus on African and afro-inspired music, still with the broad range you know us for.

DJs: Lucas Benjamin, DJ Leroy Rey / El Rey
Live: Gianna Tam (vocals/percussion), Lucas van Ee (sax), Bo Floor (trumpet, Marilonah Copra (bass), Azim Inami (guitar)

Since 2002 Wicked Jazz Sounds has step by step grown from a party organization into a musical platform. A family of music lovers; musicians and DJs who do what they love with heart and soul. They look to music in the widest way possible. They see jazz as a genre where a lot of other music came from. That is why they also consider funk, soul, hip hop, disco, drum&bass, latin and even house as their musical base. Getting their inspiration from the newest dance floor killers and music from the old heroes!

Artwork by: Marco van Bijsteren.
Azim Inami
Bo Floor
DJ Leroy Rey
El Rey
Gianna Tam
Lucas Benjamin
Lucas van Ee
Marilonah Copra