97581 This is Madness XL
4 oktober 2019 22:00
Hardcore, Terrorcore
This Is Madness has already reached it's 10th edition! So this gives us reason to celebrate, big. Or 'XL'.

This Is Madness XL.
If you have been to our previous event in the 'Factory010', now called 'Now & Wow club', then you know the two area's. But this time there will be three! We're gonna open the complete top floor, so you will have three different area's to go completely bonkers!!

Just like before we will have JeWeetWel in area 2, to turn the room into a real speaker dome! Tekno goes on!! Sound system carnival will be going full on with speakers again, so this is gonna be promising..

Prepare yourself.. for this will be another legendary edition of This Is Madness!

Genres; Early Hardcore, Early Terror, Tekno