The Fullmoonbeachfestival 2018
28 juli 2018 18:00
AtTheBeach Strandpaviljoen
Fellow beach-trancers,

A Summer fullmoon night connected with Culture ,Music & Art, Fire, Sand & Water!
Lets take a trip together to Wonderland.
Dive into the Sea of psychedelic Sounds and Color yourself with Music.
High tempo beats and throbbing bass lines!!

Wich, of course we would like to share with the most loving family we have! Come down and celebrate life as only we can
at the most exclusive Beachparty this year
Just to make sure you have an immersive Fullmoon beach experience .

Watch last years version :

Hold on tight for

- UV-lights and lasershow

- Mindblowing visuals changing All!


- Several UV decoteams

- Hippie & Craft Markets

- Free Artist Jugglers/Fire/Eclectic

- Low drink/non & vega food/prices

- UNITSOUNDS Earblowing soundsystem

- UNITY gratis drank & drugs informatie

- secondmeeting Sunrise Celebration)

- Garderobe

- Growing by the Day...

We also invited the most beautiful and talented Musicians who of course
make sure you will stay on the dancefloor till the new daylight
DJ Polo
Djane Lunarise