OOST • Eurosonic w/ Red Light Radio
19 januari 2019 23:00
Dance, Punk
Three days, three partners, every day we unravel another part of contemporary music. During Eurosonic 2019 OOST will be a hub for underground music culture, grounded in the electronic but moving far beyond. Wander through the building, catch your favorites, discover the new and immerse yourself in sonic exploration.

Seasoned curators with a knack for the unfamiliar. That, in a nutshell, is Red Light Radio. The platform has been a central node in Amsterdam's cultural landscape since it emerged in 2010, and has gained global recognition throughout the years. It's simply the world's favorite online radio station, but it's so much more than that. At Eurosonic their trusted formula of equal parts Dance and Punk seeps through, with exceptional DJs like Orpheu The Wizard and Identified Patient sharing the bill with an array of promising bands. Had this gap needed to be bridged, Stallion's Stud would be there to do so. A well-rounded line-up for when Red Light Radio goes OOST.
Identified Patient
Orpheu The Wizard
Stallion's Stud
Dj Soulseek
Pig Frenzy
Richie Dagger
Real Farmer