99121 MBrass Festival
28 juni 2019 20:00
Jazz, Live muziek
Brassband Chaupiques is world famous in Maastricht. Its style is defined by steady basslines, bright trumpets and hits that keep you dancing all night long. When the fourteen guys go on one of their yearly trips abroad, streets get blocked and the squares are full of people singing along. With MBrass the band will fill the small and narrow streets of Maastricht with this international vibe, three days in a row. Students from everywhere in the world are spicing up this small city more and more. By inviting the best European brassbands from all over Europe, Chaupiques will show the people from Maastricht what the band has experienced on their journeys.

Next to that, Chaupiques will inspire music lovers and brass musicians (beginners or pros) to enjoy brassmusic. Brass sounds will surround the city and its bars, highlighted by a big show in the Muziekgieterij on Saturday night.

Do you want to feel what the students in Bologna, the locals in Istanbul and the wealthy people of Monte Carlo have experienced?

Come to MBrass!!
Hyde Park Brass
Tzislav Orkestar
7's Brass
Kelet Brass Band
Beautiful People FC
Butchers Brass Band
Project: Brass
Rue d'Anvers
Les Philfolles
Hurricane Brassband