98776 Junction Afterparty wt. Emmanuel (ARTS), Cool Tiger, modrn, Random Access
23 juni 2019 07:00
Techno, House, Electronic
A new quality techno afterparty at RADION Amsterdam
Ticket: €10

Junction is our name and our vision. It encapsulates the music we want to put forward, blending sounds, experimenting, and providing a platform for new bold artists.

This is a call to those who want to express themselves and let go, even during daytime. We believe in making music accessible to all, and helping you get in touch with the most unapologetic part of yourself on the dance floor.

We aspire to deliver an event focused on high quality techno, with an inviting and thrilling environment. Radion, our trusty and precious venue of choice, will provide us as always with an amazing setting.


We're very happy to welcome Emmanuel for this afterparty! From running ARTS and Darkmatter to releasing on Monnom Black and Deeply Rooted, Emmanuel has been one of the most influential figure in the underground techno scene.

He will be joined by Junction Records's founder Cool Tiger, modrn and Random Access.



Diversity is important to us, and we want to celebrate it. Diverse bodies, diverse minds, diverse styles, diverse people. Just come as you are.

With the help of Radion’s trained staff, we will make sure to create a safer space for everyone, with zero tolerance for any kind of hatred or discrimination. Just report any type of negative vibe or incident that makes you uncomfortable!
Cool Tiger
Random Access