Intercell x I Hate Models Invites | ADE Closing
20 oktober 2019 22:00
H7 Warehouse
After last years attendance, I Hate Models returns to finish the 4-day ADE massacre off. The techno connoisseur arranged some unique acts for us to witness.

Not only the new Body Sushi project by Randomer and VTSS will be presented, but Sunil Sharpe and Héctor Oaks also collude for a massive b2b where they will use 4 turntables and 2 mixers to leave their traces. All accompanied by the renowned Pär Grindvik and the Dutch fast lane taking KI/KI.

Visuals by JAMES LOST
Lights by Strobert
I Hate Models
Pär Grindvik
Body Sushi [Randomer & VTSS]
Sunil Sharpe b2b Héctor Oaks (4 decks / 2 mixers)