Feel Festival 2020
9 juli 2020 14:00
Bergheider See
Dear Feel-Friends,

Now we already left the seventh Feel Festival behind us and we still revel in inspiring encounters and liberating dances in exciting in-between worlds at Bergheider See. Yes, we want to go back! Therefore, there is no time to waste and we are intoxicated with the energy and enthusiasm of this year's journey towards Feel Festival 2020.

In today's world, which is too often characterized by hatred, aversion and differences, cause these voices often scream louder than the conciliatory, respectful, we unite and hold something against it - and with determination! We want an open and tolerant society in which all different stories, frameworks and backgrounds not only have a place, but their variety and diversity is seen as a gift. And yes, the world today is more complex than ever, but despite all the superficial differences, we are all first and foremost: human beings.

We want to celebrate and appreciate this, so let's start a new journey together in our little big world at the Bergheider See. Grab the opportunity to submerge, to look at things differently, to lose oneself, to find oneself and others and to broaden one's own horizon in only five days.
A world of lovingly created stages and floors, in which we let ourselves get carried away to electronic and handmade music by our passionate artists! In addition to the countless musical moments there will be ravishing installations presented, workshops and discussions held, performances and a variety of culinary treats proffered.

So we look forward, we look back and we look to the side to make diversity visible and tangible. And what better place could there be for this than the Bergheider See in the former lignite mine Klettwitz-Nord, with the conveyor bridge F60 in the background? Where industry used to be and structural change has long since become reality, today there is a place for utopias and spaces for unfolding and dancing.

As every year, we will announce the program and line-up at the beginning of Feel Festival.
The regular ticket pre-sale for Feel Festival 2020 starts on 1/12/2019 at 12:00 pm at www.feel-festival.de/tickets.

Until then: Stay curious, stay open, stay in solidarity and love each other!

Much love and see you soon!
Your Feel Crew

Feel Festival is a colorful, open minded and tolerant festival. We create a space for the free development of all cultures and facets of life, incommensurate with nationalism, racism, sexism and discrimination. Anyone who actively or passively acts against our values will be refused admission or removed from the grounds.