Electronic Family 2018!
28 juli 2018 12:00
House, Electronic, Dance
Dear family, we're back! Because of your love, Electronic Family has been able to dig its roots deep into the warm soil of Rosmalen. On July 28 we will combine every beautiful weekend element into one massive festival day, to maximize your experience!

We’re incredibly thrilled to present the first DJs for Electronic Family Festival 2018! To create the ultimate family feeling all DJs on the main stage will perform together in back2back sets.
Ben Gold b2b Omnia
Estiva b2b Rodg
Gareth Emery b2b Ashley Wallbridge
Marlo b2b David Gravell
Orjan Nilsen b2b Khomha
Ruben De Ronde b2b Genix
Vini Vici b2b WHITENOISE
Alex M.O.R.P.H b2b Jordan Suckly
Arctin Moon b2b Indecent Noise
Amir Hussain b2b Steve Allen
Daniel Skyver b2b Allen Watts
James Dymond b2b Chris Schweizer
RAM Official b2b Susana & Stine Grove
Sean Tyas b2b Darren Porter