Desi Nite : Independence Day Special
17 augustus 2018 23:00
Dance, Other
Ladies and Gentleman,

We know how hard it feels when you are thousands of miles away from your home. Especially, on these festive days. Don't we just feel sometime to be in India and celebrate Holi, Diwali Independence day etc? The food, social gathering, music, dance and even annoying relatives WE MISS them A LOT!!
Well as the say, que sera sera.

Let's join together and let's bring some festivity into the home away from home!
We proudly introduce to you Desi Nite : Independence Day Special!
Desi Food - Desi Music - Videsi Daru!
A night full of happiness, dance, drinks and food!
The reoccurring event, every month!

Music : Bollywood , Punjabi and Dance Music.
Street Foods.

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