Boris Brejcha x FCKNG Serious | Awakenings ADE Elementenstraat
16 oktober 2019 22:00
Warehouse Elementenstraat
Techno, Trance
The openings night at the Elementenstraat will be with Boris Brejcha. Boris combines his sound with a maximum of variety which has no peer. Each song is some kind of its own adventure. Once in a relation with elements of electro, break beats, IDM, or sometimes with small Ambient parts. Because of the constant demand for more details, quality and originality he is always a small step ahead. Consequently, he became the "exceptional Talent 2007 "in the electronic music magazine

The progressive musical development made him a constant favorite in today's club scene. With his ambition and desire for new and experimental musical directions, he shows his audience again and again how exciting minimal techno can be – so much more than just simple. Boris Brejcha is much more than just a minimal techno Artists. He is a Pinoeer! No kind of music could describe his style, so he decided to create his own genre.
Ann Clue
Boris Brejcha
Deniz Bul