All Night Italo w/ Marsman & Tango Soundsystem
18 januari 2019 23:00
Techno, House, Electronic
Although we recently did’t do many Italo nights at Bar, Italo-disco has always been in the core of Bar’s signature sound in a way. Together with electro and wave these were the early standards of the parties given. The illegal MAVV parties and the infamous pepper club were all driven by the Italo sound.

Former Bar-programmer, Patrick Marsman (he did the program together with Jetti before Sjoerd Post took over in 2015) became friends with Jetti trough the internet talking about Italo-disco and High-NRG sounds, sharing music and so on. When Patrick moved to Rotterdam he started working at Bar and later doing the progamm with Jetti as well, pushing that sound amongst other styles as well.

Nowadays Patrick is a celebrated dj, label boss and shop owner, running the Pinkman label with sublabels Charlois and Pinkman Broken Dreams as well as running the Pinkman store situated around the corner in the same building as Bar. He basically never plays all italo sets anymore, although occasionally he does play it in his sets. We are very excited that he is preparing an italo special for this night!

Delft youngsters Tango Soundsystem are a new breed specialised in playing Italo records. They played quite a bit at bar over the last year so we thought they are the perfect fit to open the night before Marsman takes over.
Tango Soundsystem